IRYLA SYDNEY 2014 is a 10 DAY international leadership experience THAT BRINGS TOGETHER young leaders Ages 19-30 to create innovative solutions for the world’s greatest problems.

IRYLA SYDNEY 2014 takes place from May 26 through June 4, 2014.
We are looking for leaders--committed to their local communities, passionate about taking action, and eager to connect with emerging leaders worldwide--to become International RYLA participants.
The 2014 International RYLA, or International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, is a global leadership event in Sydney that will connect more than 100 young leaders with Rotarian teachers, mentors, and facilitators from around the world. The first part of the experience begins on May 26 and runs through May 29. The experience continues as International RYLA leaders join the Rotaract Preconvention (30-31 May) and engage with the global community of Rotary at the Rotary International Convention (1-4 June). International RYLA is an ancillary meeting of the Rotary International Convention and RYLA is a leadership program of Rotary International.
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Part 1: Innovating Solutions for Change
During the first four days of the program, participants will be able to directly engage with leading entrepreneurs and leaders to create innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems.
Part 2: Brainstorm with Young Leaders
During the fifth and sixth day of the program, participants will have a unique opportunity to connect with over 300 other young leaders from around the world to discuss the solutions participants came up with.
Part 3: Meet Global Business Leaders
During the seventh through tenth day of the program, participants will have a chance to actively connect and promote their solution for change with over 15,000 business and world leaders from every corner of the world.
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Application deadline is January 17, 2014

A: We are thrilled to hear that! Your next step is to read more about International RYLA and the application process by reading the IRYLA Fact Sheet. If you are still interested, please fill out the IRYLA Interest Form linked here. This will alert us that you have expressed an interest, and also allow us to reach out to you if you have any questions. Your next step is to complete the official IRYLA Application which is available at this link here. This is a long application, and will most likely take up two hours of your time to complete. We recommend taking a look through it at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions on it, please contact us.

A: We love your enthusiasm! Unfortunately the age limit for IRYLA participants is an official rule. However, like most rules, we do sometimes make exceptions for distinguished individuals who may barely just miss the age cutoff. For example, if you are will be 18 years of age by the time IRYLA begins, but will be turning 19 later that year and you believe you are a very qualified candidate, we still encourage you to apply. Nothing is guaranteed, but we will at least consider your application. Individuals who have the strong support of their local Rotary District and Rotary Club(s) will receive higher priority.

A: You will need the following documents completed prior to beginning your official online application for IRYLA:

    1. A Statement of Purpose to reveal your unique story—your strengths, your challenges, your purpose, and what you will bring to—and bring back from—the International RYLA experience.
    2. A resume/CV detailing your education, professional development, and past leadership experience.
    3. A 3-minute video which provides a first-person introduction and demonstrates your curiosity, your community involvement, and your drive to join the next generation of global leaders.
    4. A completed International RYLA Endorsement Form with the signatures of your Rotarian Mentor and your Rotary district governor, along with their contact information.
    5. Additional Rotary information such as your district number.

If you are having trouble with your application, finding a Rotarian Mentor, connecting with your local Rotary District Governor, or finding a Rotary Club to sponsor you, please contact us immediately! Do not wait until the deadline!

A: The cost for International RYLA 2014 is $960.00 USD. This cost does not include travel to or from Sydney, Australia. This fee includes International RYLA, a meal package for 26-29 May, hotel accommodation between 25 May-4 June 2014, and registration for the Rotary International Convention and the Rotaract Preconvention in Sydney, Australia.

The Rotary district, club, or organization that sponsors the applicant is expected to arrange funding for the applicant's round-trip transportation to Sydney, Australia, as well as for the comprehensive registration fee provided above. The sponsor district, club, or organization—or the International RYLA participant—is responsible for his/her own insurance, registration for additional Rotary events in Sydney (e.g. the Rotaract Host Committee activities), and any pre- or post-event travel, meals, or accommodation. We encourage all applicants to work closely with their sponsor districts, clubs, or organizations to discuss the amount and extent of funding that will be provided.

A: All applicants must submit this form by January 17, 2014 to be considered. Selections will be made the 2013-14 RYLA Committee and 2012-14 International RYLA Operations Team, with the approval of Rotary International President Ron D. Burton, no later than 3 March 2014. Applicants may be asked to clarify their application, participate in phone/online interviews, or provide additional documentation at the request of Rotary, the 2013-14 RYLA Committee, or the 2012-14 International RYLA Operations Team.

A: Yes, we are still looking for volunteer facilitators, coaches, and general volunteer staff members! Unfortunately as this is a not-for-profit event, we do not have the budget to cover or compensate our volunteers for travel to or from Sydney, Australia. If you are planning on being in Sydney during the International RYLA dates (starting May 26, 2014), then you are welcome to contact us with your interest via the contact section below! Once again: volunteers are NOT paid or compensated and you must find your own way to travel to Sydney!

Over the age of 30 and already planning on being in Sydney during the dates of IRYLA?
Then consider volunteering your time with us! Send us a message below with your interest!

Hey! Sorry we aren't taking anymore inquiries at the moment. IRYLA has been discontinued by Rotary International. This website is just being kept as an archive by the IRYLA 2014 volunteer staff.

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